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Eva Green, 28, shot to fame in 2006 as Vesper Lynd in James Bond film Casino Royale acting opposite Daniel Craig and Michael Madson.

Since then, she's hopped gracefully from success to success, starring in such films as The Golden Compass (in which she (along with Daniel Craig, again) were about the only good thing in that film) and Franklyn.

Looking through a photo shoot of a recent film festival, I found these pictures

Exhibit A
So many delicious children!

Exhibit B
[Akin to childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang] "Zere are children here somewhere! I can smell them!

Exhibit C
"I spy with my little eye..."

I'm telling you. They gotta make a better film out of The Witches and have Green as The Grand High Witch....

So, you know my stance on breakfast and weekends. You eat cereal on the weekdays, so I enjoy stretching my culinary muscles on the weekend. So, seeing as it's been eons since I last made pancakes.. all of two weeks... but I decided to make them.

John was with Dad collecting a car from Shannon airport, so I made pancakes for John. When measuring out ingredients, I accidentally put in about 1/4 too much flour. I just shrugged my shoulders and said "ah it'll be grand"

And wow. Was it grand. Was it excellent? Why yes, yes it was.

Calling the pancakes that were created from that batter "crunchy" would be the wrong word, it was more..thicker. It had more bite to it, literally :) John described them as "viscous". Nice word..

of a glutinous nature or consistency; sticky; thick; adhesive.

I'm sorry to say I got no pictures, but how can you gauge texture from a picture?

Just in the door from CentreStage. We did an interesting activity involving vocations. If an atomic bomb exploded, killing everyone bar 8, who were in a bomb shelter at the time. Now, we only have food for 3, so five have to go.

We all adopted a profession and had to explain why we should be allowed stay. The professions were:

-Music DJ
-Bus Driver
-Truancy Officer
-Plumber (me)

For the most part, they seem logical choices. Lecturers teach people, doctors heal folks, and I prevent you from living in yer own filth. I get the artist's point about needing creativity and the like. I also agree with needing an athlete as they're strong, so lifting things and the like. Illogical choices are the DJ, bus driver and the Truancy officer. It's not that any of them are completely useless, but if you can only save yourself and two others, do you think you'd need a DJ, bus driver or truancy officer?

Everyone picked different people. Only two people took the DJ, while only one thought a lecturer was necessary. If I had been allowed save someone else, I would've saved the lecturer, but I felt he wasn't worth a place if I could only pick two, if you understand.

The bus driver wasn't popular, and realised this, as he nominated himself out, instead picking 3 completely different people.

Artist was moderately popular, being saved by about half the people. He represented culture and painting and things. He'd have been my fourth, possibly. :)

The truancy officer. Em, kind of self explanatory. If I remember right, she got picked once, by her best friend. Her choice of profession was kind of unusual.

He [the teacher] told us to pick a profession first, before mentioning anything about atomic bombs or usefulness, so I (and most others) just picked something that was either something cool and/or a job we were considering. I first picked 'actor' (which encompasses both reasons mentioned above :P) but changed when I heard what we had to do. Being an actor is cool, but in the scheme of things is pretty useless. I think this explains some of the more unusual choices. People chose something unusual or funny, and it was just unfortunate what we had to do with them.

For those interested, I chose to save the Athlete and the Doctor. Athlete because you need a strong person to lift/build stuff. Doctors save people, and she was also a girl. I figured that if my perfect new world was to still be in existence 100 years from now, I'd probably want a girl. There were two girls, the other being the truancy officer. The reason I picked one girl over another has two parts. 1) Doctor > Truancy officer and 2) Truancy girl was ginger, and I didn't want my world full of them. I like diversity.

In short, an awesome Centerstage class

Alternatively titled "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."

Tired of people nagging me to move to wordpress, I decided to try it. I set up my blog here and imported everything over. I'm very undecided

Pros of moving to wordpress

-It's prettier
-Easy to go from there => self hosting

Pros of staying with Blogspot

-Been using it since April
-iTheme (theme I'm currently using which WP doesn't support)
-Everyone knows it's here


Back at the time of the ICT ceremony. How did I not see it?

Original Link

In science today, we were talking about measuring things in foods, like protein and starch. We also discussed how to measure sugar in things. We talked mainly about two kinds; glucose and normal, granulated sugar.

Science Teacher: Glucose is in energy drinks like Lucosade and granulated sugar you use in...

Me: Pancakes!!

Science Teacher: Tommy, are you alright?

I'm telling ya....

Barack, Charlie and Crackers (who -again- haven't featured enough on the blog) enjoying a light breakfast this morning.

During a much needed cleanup of my desktop, I came across this picture. Woops.

Click to enlarge

Also found a lovely photo from the IWA. I dislike alot of the photos I'm in, so finding one I actually love is nice.

Photo owned by Rymus

So I was using my computer last night when I came across acool little widget from that displays recently played tracks in a nice list, complete with album covers. I said "why not" and went to open the actual application. I got a system error and it killed itself. Confused, I tried again. Same story. I decided to restart, as a lot of computer troubles can be solved by restarting. I restarted and, back in the desktop, I attempted to open Failed.

Deleted last fm. reinstalled it and tried. Epic fail. Going to delete it again, I noticed something in the trash. Something called with this (in grey though) over it. The only other app I'd seen with that was Tomb Raider, because it ran on a classic environment.

Sensing this was the source of my problems, I tried to delete it, but it said it was in use. Restarting again, I deleted it as soon as I got into my account. That worked. By restarting, I'd closed whatever app was using it. Now I reinstalled It opened.

Then I went back into safari to install the widget. Safari wouldn't open. I got the beach ball of death. I restarted it. No joy. I open firefox. That opens fine. I try safari, no joy. I restart the computer. No joy.

I went to bed thinking "ah well, sure at least FF works"

I wake up this morning, try Safari, and it works perfectly!

"Don't worry kids, he's just having a senior moment, but that's OK cos we love him very much.."

So, I think the general hubbub of the Irish Web Awards is beginning to die down. Epic thanks are due to many, many people, Damien Mulley and Alexia Golez especially. The former for organizing the thing and also for being a great dude, and the latter for also being a great dudette, in this case, and coming up with the terms "pancake tsar" and "ruling with an iron pan" :)

I think everyone enjoyed the night and I for one am seriously looking forward to the blog awards on February 21st. One thing I noticed is the date. If Saturday is the 21st, that means it's also Saturday the 14th, which means Friday, the day before it is the 13th! Am I the only one who noticed this omen? Will the Awards be haunted by 13 identical ghosts of past bloggers? Then again, Damien predicted bad things for the IWA and nothing happened.. apart from the Rick Rolling and me not getting a Tiger Beer. (Alexia, you should be laughing right now :P)

Related news...

Alan Costello is starting up a new blog, which he says will come alive on Wednesday. He's quite excited about it and even has posts ready on his computer. Why could I never show that level of commitment?! I'll link to it here when it does come up, which reminds me. I'm thinking of starting a blogroll. So far, it'll include Damien, Alexia, Enda, Alan, RedWineGums, Elly, John, Patrick, Laura and Olivia. Any people who think they should be on here post in a comment with your name and URL. Also, send a stamped envelope with 30€ in it to Mr. Tommy Collison... :)


Web Awards

Damien's Speech:

Microsoft Logo wins an award...

Faces I can put to 75x75 px avatars

Damien Mulley
Alexia Golez
Enda Crowley
Niall Harbison
Alan Costello
Ben Keneally
Rick O' Shea

and loads more

I've just woken up. Am sitting on my bed in Bewleys. John is fast asleep across the room. My mobile is beside me. Mum has just woken up, and we're texting each other. She wants to know about the web awards, but I not telling her a huge amount because I want the first retelling to be on Trust Tommy.


John had been iffy about going, so when I came home from CentreStage, my first port of call was his room. It was decision time. Dad had said to me that if John didn't take me, he w uld. I should have been happy at the ticket to go, but I didn't want to drag him up to dublin. He'd only be going for me, and it'd take up a lot of his weekend, so I said that if John didn't take me, I wouldn't go. We talked about it. John didn't want to go because he wanted to work, so Dad suggested the train. Genius! So we agreed to get the five-to-four-train to Dublin. It was 15:06 at the time


The train went via Limerick Junction, before we alighted and hopped on the Cork-Hueston train. I sat down in more comfortable surroundings (i.e with a table) trying to estimate to the nearest thousand how many times Mulley has made this trip.

John on his iPhone and the Twinkle app, found that there was another Twinkle user on the train. He wanted to try some sort of wacky scavenger hunt for the dude, but I convinced him not to, citing that "sure, we'll see the guy getting off the train". This mollified him.

Though the twitter-ers tweets, we identified him as Conn, and offered to share a taxi. We saw him getting off the train, and I put my first face to avatar. We jumped in a taxi outside Houston and made the 10 minute journey to the Radisson. I remember being outside the door and thinking "5 minutes from now, I'll have met Damien Mulley". I make ya sound like some celebrity, don't I?


In the door I met the man himself. Dressed simply in white t-shirt, jeans and -wait for it- camouflage converse shoes. He was smaller in real life. I don't mean that in a height sense, but his reputation really proceeds him. It's like that poster for Star Wars episode one, with young Anakin walking in Tatooine, with the shadow of Darth Vader against a wall. Did I just liken Damien Mulley to Darth Vader? No, I didn't. Damien, please don't send your ninjas out!

He left to change into his suit and we mingled with the guests. I met the first one or two -of way more than I expected- people who read the blog here, and I enjoyed my first meal since breakfast. The queue started forming so we said we'd join it. Who was behind us? only Enda Crowley, also known as "endac" on twitter, and 'contrar'. With him was someone who we thought -but wasn't- his brother, Alan.

We get to the front and it comes to light don't I love making big things out of little things? I say it as if he was Bertie in front of the Mahon Tribunal!! that he hadn't booked. I guess for someone who only decided to go half an hour before the train left could maybe be excused. Never fear! I'd booked last week and there I was. I got "Tommy Collison" printed on a label (I'd later take another one, stick "(@tommyxkr)" on it and place it underneath) and I was ready to go.

I also met Alexia Golez. She's lovely, and a great laugh to be 'round. She was there with a friend and had been delegated the task of fetching the DJ's food, so our meeting was brief. We went inside another room (The IWA had booked 3) which had a free bar! They were selling all sorts of beer, wine, spirits, cocktails....Kidding Mum!

We spent a happy hour drinking Kidding Mum! and chatting. I got two friendly punches on the arm. One exclaiming "I trust Tommy!" and the other saying "It's the pancake dude".

Which reminds me, I had no idea I was so well known for pancakes. As in, I knew it was one of my traditions on the blog, like drumming (speaking of which, to my enjoyment, I did have someone come up to me and say "you're a fucking savage drummer!") but I had no idea it was as big a part as it was. I was talking to someone at the (free) bar and he said that "I love your blog and all, but I hate the way I always leave it feeling so hungry!" ... you can't wait for the video then, can you? :)

Or when Mulley introduced me to Rick O' Shea (presenter, more on him in mo). "This is Tommy Collison. Y'know, the pancake dude!" It was about this time that I really got the full scale magnitude of it all. O'Shea is a great dude as well. I mean, award ceremonies aren't what people think are usually exciting, but Rick O'Shea made it so entertaining. And yes, I did tell him he looked like Hagrid, he's still gonna shave it off. Dang.

Then again, being known for pancakes can be a good thing. John introduced me to Niall Harbison who complimented me on them, and said that once the video was done, he'd help promote it. Cheers dude!

Another cool part of the night was being mistaken for Patrick, and this happened alot. A mother of two approached me and asked me to explain about Auctomatic so she could get her sons interested in technology. Another wanted my photo for his tech blog. Me!? You're humble blogger!

In short, a great night, one of the coolest of my life. We left at about midnight and got a taxi to Bewleys in Ballsbridge.

I'm not on my own computer atm, so the video's of Rick's opening and closing speech will follow.

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