So I was using my computer last night when I came across acool little widget from that displays recently played tracks in a nice list, complete with album covers. I said "why not" and went to open the actual application. I got a system error and it killed itself. Confused, I tried again. Same story. I decided to restart, as a lot of computer troubles can be solved by restarting. I restarted and, back in the desktop, I attempted to open Failed.

Deleted last fm. reinstalled it and tried. Epic fail. Going to delete it again, I noticed something in the trash. Something called with this (in grey though) over it. The only other app I'd seen with that was Tomb Raider, because it ran on a classic environment.

Sensing this was the source of my problems, I tried to delete it, but it said it was in use. Restarting again, I deleted it as soon as I got into my account. That worked. By restarting, I'd closed whatever app was using it. Now I reinstalled It opened.

Then I went back into safari to install the widget. Safari wouldn't open. I got the beach ball of death. I restarted it. No joy. I open firefox. That opens fine. I try safari, no joy. I restart the computer. No joy.

I went to bed thinking "ah well, sure at least FF works"

I wake up this morning, try Safari, and it works perfectly!

"Don't worry kids, he's just having a senior moment, but that's OK cos we love him very much.."


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