So, I think the general hubbub of the Irish Web Awards is beginning to die down. Epic thanks are due to many, many people, Damien Mulley and Alexia Golez especially. The former for organizing the thing and also for being a great dude, and the latter for also being a great dudette, in this case, and coming up with the terms "pancake tsar" and "ruling with an iron pan" :)

I think everyone enjoyed the night and I for one am seriously looking forward to the blog awards on February 21st. One thing I noticed is the date. If Saturday is the 21st, that means it's also Saturday the 14th, which means Friday, the day before it is the 13th! Am I the only one who noticed this omen? Will the Awards be haunted by 13 identical ghosts of past bloggers? Then again, Damien predicted bad things for the IWA and nothing happened.. apart from the Rick Rolling and me not getting a Tiger Beer. (Alexia, you should be laughing right now :P)

Related news...

Alan Costello is starting up a new blog, which he says will come alive on Wednesday. He's quite excited about it and even has posts ready on his computer. Why could I never show that level of commitment?! I'll link to it here when it does come up, which reminds me. I'm thinking of starting a blogroll. So far, it'll include Damien, Alexia, Enda, Alan, RedWineGums, Elly, John, Patrick, Laura and Olivia. Any people who think they should be on here post in a comment with your name and URL. Also, send a stamped envelope with 30€ in it to Mr. Tommy Collison... :)


  1. Alexia Golez  

    Hehe. The Tiger is coming at the Web Awards 2012 and/or the Blog Awards 2013! :) Taking the slow ship here.

  2. Tommy  

    The alcoholic version, yes. Am tempted to ask mum to get the NA version at the weekend, but without you, it'd be meaningless. Roll on the blog awards!

  3. designneverdies  

    How the hell did I not see this?!

    Thanks =D

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