OK, it was awesome, that's the first n' foremost. 

We arrived (if my powers of estimation, and subtraction from when P twittered) at about 7. We were in the "anti-chamber", with about 100 other penguins...er...guests in tuxedos. Champagne was running long and free. (No my face is not going red!)

The dinner began, couple of awards, blah blah, salmon, talking to Sibh, the guy next to me asking about what I was gonna do after Auctomatic... (I didn't know), blah blah blah. 

The meal part is a bit of a haze, I think I had steak. T'was nice, whatever I had.

When the awards continued after dinner, I didn't as such panic, but went into a frenzy. My stomach was turning over at what I was being asked to do. But, then, my (imo) most useful feature (and esp. if I want to be an actor) is that to able to just mentally shake myself and calm down, so I just said; "OK, wait, Tommy, TOMMY! CALM DOWN!" and I did. I thought about how, "this is what the late late should have been", I had been given a second chance, I'd screwed up the first but by god I wasn't gonna let this one go! 

Up we go. Pa says his bit, and then, it's my turn! >:)

I say about my hopes to be an actor, I tell him I'm in 6th, he's (Marty Wheelen) surprised at being 13, there's ominous muttering. (The public's on my side on this! :P) and then he asked Pa, innocent as you like, 

"Is there a girl in all this?"

Pa says "no comment" so he goes to the parents and asks them, but before he gets an answer, I jump in. 

"No no no! You're asking the wrong person!"

Tumultuous applause and laughter as Pa turns red and Marty asks me, 

"Well, we haven't got word of anything yet but...anything goes!"

Marty bids up farewell, we leave the stage to more applause and get our pics taken, on the way back to our seats a journalist stops us and asks us for an interview. We oblige. So on Tuesday he's coming down and everyone buy a copy of the Sunday Tribune!!

Pats on the back all round, the thing finished. The comedy company come up, they were fantatic. 


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