Just in the door from CentreStage. We did an interesting activity involving vocations. If an atomic bomb exploded, killing everyone bar 8, who were in a bomb shelter at the time. Now, we only have food for 3, so five have to go.

We all adopted a profession and had to explain why we should be allowed stay. The professions were:

-Music DJ
-Bus Driver
-Truancy Officer
-Plumber (me)

For the most part, they seem logical choices. Lecturers teach people, doctors heal folks, and I prevent you from living in yer own filth. I get the artist's point about needing creativity and the like. I also agree with needing an athlete as they're strong, so lifting things and the like. Illogical choices are the DJ, bus driver and the Truancy officer. It's not that any of them are completely useless, but if you can only save yourself and two others, do you think you'd need a DJ, bus driver or truancy officer?

Everyone picked different people. Only two people took the DJ, while only one thought a lecturer was necessary. If I had been allowed save someone else, I would've saved the lecturer, but I felt he wasn't worth a place if I could only pick two, if you understand.

The bus driver wasn't popular, and realised this, as he nominated himself out, instead picking 3 completely different people.

Artist was moderately popular, being saved by about half the people. He represented culture and painting and things. He'd have been my fourth, possibly. :)

The truancy officer. Em, kind of self explanatory. If I remember right, she got picked once, by her best friend. Her choice of profession was kind of unusual.

He [the teacher] told us to pick a profession first, before mentioning anything about atomic bombs or usefulness, so I (and most others) just picked something that was either something cool and/or a job we were considering. I first picked 'actor' (which encompasses both reasons mentioned above :P) but changed when I heard what we had to do. Being an actor is cool, but in the scheme of things is pretty useless. I think this explains some of the more unusual choices. People chose something unusual or funny, and it was just unfortunate what we had to do with them.

For those interested, I chose to save the Athlete and the Doctor. Athlete because you need a strong person to lift/build stuff. Doctors save people, and she was also a girl. I figured that if my perfect new world was to still be in existence 100 years from now, I'd probably want a girl. There were two girls, the other being the truancy officer. The reason I picked one girl over another has two parts. 1) Doctor > Truancy officer and 2) Truancy girl was ginger, and I didn't want my world full of them. I like diversity.

In short, an awesome Centerstage class


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