Web Awards

Damien's Speech:

Microsoft Logo wins an award...

Faces I can put to 75x75 px avatars

Damien Mulley
Alexia Golez
Enda Crowley
Niall Harbison
Alan Costello
Ben Keneally
Rick O' Shea

and loads more


  1. John Collison  

    Did you take this on your phone? If you kept still for 2 seconds it'd be almost bearable :)

  2. Tommy  

    Yup, my phone. It'd be almost bearable if the iPhone took proper video

  3. designneverdies  

    You know...It could very easily be a 3...or an E!

    And if you break it in half it's a V!

  4. elly parker  

    Oh Lordie!!!! Next time I have to remember that if I want to heckle and shout about tequila, then I must not sit directly behind all the people shooting video! Ye might have cut that bit out and spared my dignity (not that there's much left!)

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